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a random mess

graphic community

a random mess - graphic community
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 General Information:

Welcome to A Random Mess, a graphic community run by fragilecat and yueshi. In this community we will post our graphic, mostly icons, but also wallpapers, maybe some blinkies, layouts… everything we feel like posting.

Though this community is mostly non members only, some entries, especially older ones will be locked. If you want to see all the posts you should join the comm. (and make us really happy with doing so)

 Basic Rules:

- Please be nice and friendly around here. We don't want ANY DRAMA in this community. This should be a place for everyone to feel comfortable, so please be nice to everyone.
- Credit when credit is asked for. Not all graphics here will need credit, but if the maker asks for it, please credit. It’s just fair since we’re having the work, right?
- Save everything to your own computer and upload it to your own image hosting page (photobucket, flickr, something like that), NO HOTLINKING!
- So far this community is open for all, but we might change that if we feel the need for it.
- This is an open community for most of the graphics we offer here, some things though might be just for our members, so if you like what you see, joining the community might be the right thing to do.
- Last but not least: Have fun, this is what this community should be about after all.


 Still being worked on:

This profile page is still under construction!
And it will be for a long time, because we're more busy with making icons ^^